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About this blog: The main focus of the articles on this blog are on economics and political economy, which is a big passion of mine. I like to apply economics to all sorts of issues and I enjoy writing about economic history as well as contemporary topics.

The articles on this blog are a product of my own creativity and the views expressed here are likewise my own.

About me: I am Dane currently living in London, UK. I am an MSc graduate in Economics and apart from my studies I like music, travelling, skiing, Aikido, running, food, coffee, wine, social networks and much more.

Copyrights: I reserve the rights to all the material on this blog. The material can be distributed or copied only with the written permission of the author. Please indicate the correct source if you wish to set up a link to this blog.

I use publicly available photos, however, if I am trespassing any property rights that I am not aware of, please contact me and I will deal with the requests accordingly.


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  1. maggieannthoeni / Jul 30 2013 06:53

    I well understand ‘lapsed blogs’ as I maintain one myself – but I also greatly appreciate your observations and interpretations. Are you considering re-entering this space? Or are you posting your thoughts elsewhere? Thanks!!!

  2. Lukasz Cerazy / Aug 3 2013 09:06

    Hi Maggie

    THank you for your interest. I must admit that it is very hard for me to find the time to write on my blog, however, I felt a bit sad seeing it idle. I therefore decided to start it up again a few weeks back and I am brewing a new post – hopefully I’ll be able to share it soon.

    Thanks again.

  3. maggieannthoeni / Aug 3 2013 15:45

    Thanks, Lucasz!

    As to economics, my own attention has shifted these days to how our economic structure seems overwhelmingly to favor ‘exploitation’ of resources, rather than ‘stewardship’. My life-long ‘up close and personal’ relationship with earth’s natural dynamics, including part played by biodiversity, gives me an awareness I think weak or missing in our highly urbanized societies. It’s my opinion that we need to shift to a stewardship mindset. I wonder if you’ve had thoughts on that.

    (Had intended to explore your post “Why Nothing is Free” – but this minute an ‘off-computer’ project has developed so will try later!)

    That concern aside, I look forward to gaining from your insights on any theme you present. I’ve ‘followed’ your blog so will receive notice when you do post.


  4. maggieannthoeni / Aug 3 2013 16:15

    … my ‘off computer project’ was shelved for about 20 min. Gave me a chance to pick up a link to a recent post that I could have included above re ‘stewardship’. In case you’re interested : Thanks.

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